Welcome Tour 4 days 3 nights Phuket - Krabi.

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Welcome Tour 4 days 3 nights Phuket - Krabi.

  • Day 1 : Phuket City Tour Take you to worship Luang Por Wat Chalong (dinner only).

Chalong Temple or Wat Chai is known as Tara, is a priceless famous Phuket Phuket if one must worship Luang Por Wat Chalong prosperity for themselves. The Story of the Sacred Renowned for the treatment of Prestige and merit divine mercy puts a devout pastor's backers. Said that, while you live it up with a waiting off the arms and legs of the person until lightly golden around the rail with a gilded Buddha statues, and even if Luang Por would die for the one hundred years ago today reputation And he criticizes the memories of people dating.

Laem Phrom Thep

If one does not come to Phuket and then watch the sunset at Laem Phrom Thep is to come. Phrom Thep Cape is one of the most beautiful sunset before anyone else in Thailand. A scenic drive from Phuket's Patong Beach, about 2 kilometers Cape is at the southern end of the island. People called you sharp there is a sharp curve gradient extends into the sea. Surrounded by palm around the inserts are lined up. Also to be tipped. Overlooking the emerald green waters. And the glass in the front treble. The left side is a beach in Xiamen, a small beach. The right to be seen along the beaches of Nai Harn Beach.

Whether travelers are visiting or staying at any beach. When the evening came near sunset at the beach. If you visit in good weather turned cloudy sky at sunset at Laem Phrom Thep is very beautiful. If the summer is the golden grasslands covering more beautiful. A small glass and scratch it in the rainy season it is. Green around Attractions are huge boulders guard waves the white foam of waves hitting the rocks, which is very beautiful. There were also "Lighthouse Kan Rd Laem Phrom Thep" created on the occasion of His Majesty's celebrations of 50 years, which is wide at the base, nine meters high and 50 feet, and the lighting of the lamp is visible up to 39. Lighthouse kilometers inside the exhibition about building a lighthouse. Maintaining standard time to calculate and display sunrise and sunset. From the top of the lighthouse to a point of view.

  • Day 2 : Afternoon swim beach (breakfast, lunch and dinner).

Sea and sand Patong Beach is located on the western side of the island. He was influenced by the southwest monsoon. Due to the strong wind erosion. Make coast deep concave parabolic like a crescent moon. With a length of almost 3 km is a beautiful sight when standing on the beach. Overlooks white sand beach stretches out endlessly. And the sea changed color as well. Some seasons may be emerald green. Dark blue or indigo cut the white of sand. Natural change of scenery is different each day. Enjoy watching boring extensive beach Filled with colorful umbrellas Tourists sunbathe lined Amid the waves lull and the breeze blowing slowly in the morning or evening. Is the perfect time to swim. The beach is not too hot Patong Beach is also characteristic. Surrounded by mountains, the beach is a long stretch of beach enclosed. The bundle also allows the wind very well. Beachfront shallows The swim safely Beach activities and water sports of many kinds to choose from. Whether a banana boat, parasailing, windsurfing, jet skiing or if you dive in a pointed head and the beach has a wide coral reef snorkeling to see the beauty of the underwater world. Although in the past in the atoll are some ruins. But he has started to recover moderately. Most of the coral plate King Corals and coral reef fish swimming sea bass came to visit regularly. Evening to stroll along the beach, the atmosphere was pleasant if not smooth Patong Beach to the north to Kalim Beach, a small beach. Next to the beach filled with rocky. A look at the exotic to another. The atmosphere is quite peaceful     

Evening welcome "afforded skating fantasy" realm of world-class entertainment.

The show "fantastic Kamala" a culture Thailand. Combining world-class special effects Las Vegas style And added a more spectacular. Meet to change it to the greatest sacrifice, the second scene is the opening scene of Prince Kamala. Genesis of Myth Coordinated rhythmic dance pose with light. Amazing colors spelling audience spell enacted. And to bring to life a world of imagination Maya. The magic of art and culture in Thailand. Valuable on the global stage. And the added Kinnaree Exquisite style of dance. Delicious delicacy of these Kinaree a Sacray ginseng. Invest transformed into a stage by world literature. Create a virtual experience of watching at the pool Aondat of forest creatures. Beautiful land Surrounded by a massive lotus. Plant flowers and exquisite dishes. Add the splendor of light Sounds futuristic laser facilities The other scene that aims to better the audience. The opportunity to experience an unforgettable show that will impress you. On this one, "Phuket".      

  • Day 3 : City Tour Krabi Tiger Cave Temple (breakfast, lunch and dinner).      

In 2518, Pastor Nian wishes to find a new place to practice. It was a vision in the mind's eye as a place surrounded by mountains and caves, known as "Tiger" throughout the many caves and caverns in the province of Krabi. Once the vision was a place that I love catching up. I feel familiar with this place before. His father was a professor Hid. To look for a place to set up office. Finally, the Master Hid met at various places, including the Tiger.

Pastor had a chance to look at the cave, according to the professor told Hid. It matches the vision of the pastor really seen. Pastor Nian Led a delegation of monks from the monastery 53 nuns, 56 Sukhontha Rivas arrived at this place, the name is Tiger. Or in the temple is called "Abbey's face," according to the village on 25 March 2518.

And a "Tiger Temple" on 2 August 2533 to break into a place of meditation practice to date. To be named The Tiger Temple The locals call it that. including tea overseas, they're distinctive and famous temple of "father long ago," President Buddhist Tiger Temple is a devout long.  

Phi Phi Island

Krabi seaside city of dreams ... Beautiful white sandy beaches , clear waters and beautiful coral . Cave Gorges shelf More than 100 islands and islets , as well as the charm that impresses tourists. Who visited Krabi Visited Krabi commercially If you do not have to " Phi Phi Islands " Sabre is like to come here.

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