Siam Park City

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Siam Park City

         Amornphant-nakorn Co., Ltd. was established in 1975 with the supports from financial institutions and a group of academic experts. The project started with a huge real estate development in Bangkok area; where it was the rice field and non-developed plain site. The project later became a 1000 Rai of housing village accommodated with a 300 Rai of water-park-and-amusement-park under the name of “Suan Siam”. The vision for this project is to transform the area to become great community with great transportation system linked to mid town. The investors also projected the area could provide the ‘natural living’ atmosphere to Thai people and tourists.

         During the beginning period, the company divided into 2 main departments; one to be responsible on housing projects while the other’s responsibility was in Suan Siam. The re-structure was done in November 1980, with Amornphantnakorn-Suan Siam Ltd. in charged, in order to achieve the growing prospect of the water park and amusement park business. Suan Siam first day opening was on 19 November 1980 with the great support from consumer….the park was then later be known nationwide as ‘Suan Siam; The Bangkok’s sea’

         Besides the water park, which is the pioneering project of Suan Siam, the place became one of the most impressive & popular theme parks for Thai people. Fully facilitated for everyone with the services as follows;

Amusement Park ; with more than 30 rides serving both kids and adults

Theme Park; the great combination of knowledge providing and fun. Also with the great chance for Thai families to easily access to world class and local performed shows & exhibitions. The example of the shows in the past are ‘Hot Ice’ ice skating show from Britain, ‘Cyber Magic’ excited USA magical show, Russian Circus and Chinese ‘Xi Kong’ lantern show

The park also support the special activities in social & educational content with the programs as school group visit, boy scout camp area in the reasonable price. Company’s multi purposed activities such as party, seminar and training are also provided with proper facilities.              

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