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Siam Ocean World Education Service The Ocean School. Currently, the Oceanis Australia Group owns and operates four world-class aquariums throughout the Asia Pacific region. The fifth, and largest aquarium in Bangkok, Thailand opened in December 2005.

All aquariums hold education as an important cornerstone of operations. A mission statement for our group is: “Oceanis Australia is dedicated to the conservation of aquatic environments through living displays, education, research and the fostering of environmental responsibility.

Education within our aquariums is achieved in many ways. Enclosure design, interpretive text, staff demonstrations and talks, audiovisual presentations, signage and ambient experiences all add to the educational experience of our visitors. However, the most obvious form of educational experience for visitors is the formal education service offered to visiting schools.

The aim of the Education Service at each aquarium is to develop an innovative, educational experience relevant to curriculum developments and receptive to teacher needs. The Siam Ocean World Education Service,

The Ocean School, will continue the mission and aims established by Oceanis Australia.

Duration  :  4 Hrs.       

Basis :  Sic

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