Package 8 Nights 9 Days Bangkok/Pattaya/Chiang rai/Chiang mai

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Package 8N 9D Bangkok/Pattaya/Chiang rai/Chiang mai

  • Day 1 See you at the meeting point of three doors, then went to the temple to seek blessings of the Erawan carpet fourth and later went to check in at the hotel.
  • Day 2 Check out and then go straight to Pattaya for visiting Suphattra orchards for fruit lovers. Enjoy a selection and sampling different kinds of fresh tropical fruits such as durian, rambutan, mangosteen, Pamelo, grapes, mango, carambola, longan, dragon fruit Santol engraved apple, jackfruit, coconut, passion fruit, etc. Mayongchit.
  • Day 3 Check out from the hotel to the domestic airport to Chiang Rai. And get a guide to travel to Lotus Hotel Pang SuanKaew. With a dinner at the restaurant prepared.
  • Day 4 After eating breakfast finished Continue to visit an orchid farm and Elephant Village. Then go to lunch at WatDoiSuthep. And visit the village of Miao (Museum Opiom) followed by dinner at a local restaurant, then enjoy the Chiang Mai Night Plaza.
  • Day 5 After visiting the village rest stop taking view of the deposit. Accessories such as umbrellas, silk carpets, honey, herbs and local restaurant in Chiang Mai.In the afternoon, head to Chiang Rai. Visit the hot springs and white temple, and I checked in at the Hotel Golden Bowl. Along with dinner.
  • Day 6After breakfast is finished Go visit Doi Mae Salong and lunch. After a trip to the Golden Triangle The area between Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, three with dinner.   
  • Day 7 After breakfast is finished Visited the village of Long Neck. And traveled to the airport to return to Chiang Rai and Bangkok shopping mall MBK.Getting back to the hotel for dinner.
  • Day 8 Free stay at your disposal at all.
  • Day 9 Take a trip to the airport to return home safely.

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