Khao Yai Natonal Park (Trekking, Ox cart and Elephant riding)

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Khao Yai Natonal Park (Trekking & ox cart and Elephant riding)

Khao Yai has three main seasons, with an annual mean temperature of 23 ° C, though this varies greatly with the seasons.

Rainy Season: May-October. During this season, it rains most days, resulting in stunning waterfalls. The atmosphere is humid, with average daytime temperatures of 27° C, In the humidity, flora and fauna flourish, whilst after the rain there is clean air and clear visibility (great for photograph!).

Cold season: November- February. This is the most popular time to visit Khao Yai, as clear, sunny and cool weather are ideal for hiking and nice sunsets are common. The day’s average around 22° C, while the nights can drop to 10° C.

Hot Season: March-April Even in the hot season, Khao Yai does not experience of heat felt elsewhere in the country. Daytime temperatures reach between a high 20° C, to a low 30° C, during this season it is dry and often windy. Waterfalls can be dry by April.

Khao Yai National Park consists of complicated mountains such as Khao Rom, the highest about 1,351 meters, Khao Lam about 1,326 meters, Khao Keaw about 1,292 meters, Khao Sam Yod about 1,142 meters, Khao Far Pha about 1,078 meters, Khao Kampang about 875 meters, Khao Samor Poon about 805 meters and Khao Kaew about 802 meters above sea level. Moreover, the area has vastly grassy field alternating with productive forest. The north and the east part are smoothly sloping down, while the south and the west part are rising up.

Full day programme

06:30-07:00 a.m.    Pick up from Bangkok hotel.                                                                                              

08:45 a.m.             Visit local morning market                                                                                                          

09:30 a.m.             Ox cart riding through the rice field.                                                                                                    

10:30 a.m.             Walk on the marked trail among mountains at Khao Yai national park                     

12:00 a.m.             Lunch at restaurant                                                                                                               

14:30 p.m.             Elephant raiding in the jungle and crossing the creek as well.                                    

15:30 p.m.             Enjoy a scenic drive through the beautiful countryside                                                             

18:00 p.m.             Arrive Bangkok hotel


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Min 2 pax





Destination :  Thailand Korat   Tour Code  :  Att 19   Duration : Whole day    Basis :  Sic

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