Ayutthaya by Road

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Ayutthaya by Road

The Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya or Ayutthaya in shot, is one of Thailand’s Historical and majestic highlights. Serving as the Thai capital for 417 years (1350-1767: Kingdom of Ayutthaya), it was once glorified as one of the Biggest cities in the world a Southeast Asia center for civilizations.

During The 17th century most foreign visitors to Ayutthaya traders or diplomats alike Claimed Ayutthaya to be the most illustrious and glittering city that they had ever visited. The map of Ayutthaya published in 1691 by Simon de la Loubre in Du Royaume De Siam is proof of such recognition.

Today, there are but groups of crumbling ruins and rows of headless Buddhas where once an empire thrived.

The temple compounds are still awe-inspiring even in disrepair and a visit here is memorable and a good beginning for those drawn to the relics of history.

The architecture of Ayutthaya is a fascinating mix of Khmer (ancient Cambodian style) and early Sukhothai style.

Some cactus-shaped obelisks, called prangs, denote Khmer influence and look something like the famous towers of Angkor Wat. The more pointed stupas are ascribed to the Sukhothai influence. For new arrivals who had limited their visit to Bangkok, similarities may be noted with the riverside Wat Arun, an 18th-century that was built in the so-called Ayutthaya style, a melding of Sukhothai Buddhist influences and Hindu-inspired.

Drive to the Ancient Capital of Ayutthaya situated 90 Kms. North of Bangkok and take a long tailed boat around Ayutthaya lsland.

Then visit the Bang-pa-ln Summer Palace of King Rama IV with its charming mixture of Thai Chinese and gothic architecture.         






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