Amphawa floating Market

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Amphawa floating market. Samut Songkhram .
     The market by the canal. Located Ampawan Temple Chetiyaram . (Parking AmpawanTemple Chetiyaram have) every Friday, Saturday and Sunday. In the early evening at 15.00 - 21.00 in the Amphawa Canal boating vendors selling food and drinks such as coffee Fried noodle Oaeligyong desserts and wheelchair sales of land with a casual music listener. of sound along the lines of the community . People can visit the market to buy food and rent a boat to see the fireflies in the night.

Visit Wat Huay Mongkol Luang grandfather. Miracle story grandfather. Buddhists in the south for a long time admiring respect. And is well known. Thus resulting in cooperation of many organizations , both public and private sectors in the creation of the sculpture modeled my grandfather largest in the world by the Queen  visited To cast the father and grandfather , on August 27th, 2547 Royal King's permission to establish a committee on the title to the houses at the Queen Sirikit statue by the great grandfather handsome . My great grandfather, the world's largest with a lap width of 9.9 meters high and 11.5 meters on a 3- storey wide and 70 m long, 70 m [ 2 ] Under the base is a large hall for practical theology . Works in the High Holy Days.

Indoor market, also known as the valley of Mae Klong market, but locals often called. The risk of death is attached to the market. Mae Klong Railway Station. The province is part of the municipal market as the valley began with the indoor market selling. The area around the year 2527, a train on the rail market. Wire Line - Sharp dealer - trader. Panels on either side of the train.

The customer is the rail road. For shopping: Many visitors use the train to travel by train Machines. Wire to the train station. Not easy baskets basket baskets that are placed in and out. Neatly and quickly within a blink of an eye. This train station is a short cable to the Mae Klong Mahachai . At the sound of a bell or a flag waving from the station began to observe the changes that occur. Call it a job. Identification of all of these merchants. But the charm. And fun for visitors to go through it on the train. Everything is restored to its original condition.
And if anyone wants to come here. Umbrella fold for what it is. I have come to the right time. The Mae Klong Railway walk - Sharp Time - Out ( 2 carriages ) is out : 6.20 am, 9.00 am , 11.30 am, 15.30 pm to : 8:30 am 11:10 am 15:30 am on course have the opportunity to market a camera. Top reputed delicious food that is fish frown neck to say the nicest. Especially cold.


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Destination :  Thailand Samut Songkhram Province :  Tour Code  :  Att 23   Duration : Half day    Basis :  Sic

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